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Let's be honest. Coming up with a design idea for your next website is hard. Especially when you're not a designer or non-technical

This problem is the reason I decided to create this tool. Inspireframe is a mockup tool that makes design ideation easy for everyone. Mix and match the best parts of the best websites and quickly come up with your next design.

This tool was initially a collection of over 4000 sections that I would use for my own projects. I was tired of opening hundreds of websites for inspiration, just to find a few good examples that I needed.

I published these images on my other website, Landingfolio, and got loads of amazing replies about the collecting. A few people explained to me that they would copy the examples and mash it together into a website idea.

This gave me the idea of Inspireframe. Why use a super expensive design tool for such a simple task and waste time on switching between them all?

This is why I set out to build the tool. Inspireframe gives you the power of a design tool together with a growing library of over 4000 inspiration examples of many sections, like headers, footer, pricing blocks and more.

Danny Postma, Creator of Inspireframe

I'm the founder of, where I've helped over 1 million visitors with their landing page since 2015.

The power of Figma, combined with a huge library of design examples

Design tools have two problems. They have way to many features and don't have design examples to work with. Inspireframe combines both worlds together.

Easily communicate your vision to you designers

Working together with a designer? Inspireframe enables you to exactly communicate how you want your website to look like!

Organize your design thoughts and ideas with quick mockups

Design ideas are hard to put on paper. Inspireframe helps you to create the base for your next design project.

Mix and match the best parts of the best websites

Build prototypes with thousands of components. All sources from the best websites in the industry.

  • Thousands of components in 40 categories
  • All available to use

Millions of possibilities, no design skills needed

Simply drag-and-drop to create your prototypes. Fast and easy. No design skills needed.

  • No setup or learning gap
  • Create your first prototype in minutes

Communicate your vision, share your designs

Easily export your designs with one click. Download and share them with the world.

  • Communicate your ideas in minutes
  • Unlimited projects

Create your own collection, add unlimited sections

Add your own UI Kits, screenshots and examples. Upload the images and use them together with ours.

  • Unlimited collections and image uploads
  • Collections created in minutes
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“This is an incredible idea. I've been itching for a way to do something like this and communicate my vision to designers.”
Eddie Machaalani
Co-founder, Executive Chairman

"I deal with executive funcioning difficulties and Inspireframe is a game changer me that I am anticipating will get better and better."

- Jack

"It's really good for the ideation process and quickly hash out something to have a quick look."

- Ravi Kumar

"Inspireframe is perfect for quick mockuping. It curates some of the best and allows me to quikcly drag and drop section so I can create a basic design to work from"

- Shaun Davis

"I've built my own libary of sections to speed up my workflow. I can use Inspireframe when I need inspiration and design ideas."

- Aron Baldvinsson
  • Bigcommerce
  • Business Insider
  • Digital Marketer
  • Havas

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